Analysis Of The Movie ' Dazed And Confused ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Dazed And Confused ' Essay

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‘Dazed and Confused’ made it’s debut on September 24, 1993 and did not obtain instant success in the box office but has been considered a classic because of how well the movie captured the free will and problems of high school aged kids. The movie’s setting is a high school in Texas during 1976, and follows a diverse group of teens as they go through their last day of school before summer break. The movie embodies what it feels like to be that age by depicting the conflicts that kids their age face and allowing you to relate to them. It even makes you feel nostalgic with how well they depict the teenagers as they are going through their last day of school and the overwhelming happiness you got when the final bell of the year rang. The simplicity of the plot is what makes the movie so relatable because there are not many unreal elements. Even though the movie was released in 1993 the contrasts of the culture that it points out are widely the same today. The movie makes it clear to see how much America’s culture has changed since 1976 with everything from their hobbies, to the schools. It shows the contrast of the cultures and time periods but also how the typical problems that teens face remain the same today.
One of the main conflicts of the storyline that is referenced throughout the movie is how the coaches are trying to force the players to sign a contract agreeing not to drink alcohol or do illegal drugs. This conflict of “fighting against authority” or as it is worded in the movie, “suppressing the youth” is still commonly seen in the teenage culture today. Teens always have and always will try to fight against authority because that is human nature. A perfect example of this is when Randall “Pink” Floyd says in the movie “...

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... may be the greatest hangout movie ever made” (Comcast). Tarantino hit the nail on the head when he calls it a hangout movie because that is the overall plot of the movie. The movie does not need to develop an unrealistic plot; it just follows a group of teens as they enter into summer break without a worry in the world. The characters developing and different personalities interacting is as much of a plot that the movie needs. This is similar to high school because a lot of the conflicts that are faced stem from the different personalities interacting and how you develop as a person. The movie uses typical high school occurrences and the culture that is at a high school to develop a plot. The overall simplicity, but spot on interpretation is what has lead to the long-term success of this movie and will hopefully continue to make people nostalgic when they watch it.

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