Analysis Of The Movie ' Children Of Heaven ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Children Of Heaven ' Essay

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Children of Heaven is a film that portrayed a story mainly about a brother and a sister in Iran, and a pair of shoes was the reason why the story happened. The film also connected the urban planning with a plenty of plots, such as a family culture in the communities; distinguished physical setting between poor and rich neighborhoods. In addition, the film described a variety of people’s attitudes when they encounter setbacks. The most significant aspects of the film were the social factors that differentiated distinguished fate, and the embodiment of the family value that displayed precious love. Moreover, the effect of environment, which depicted the unfair.
First and foremost, the effect of the environment was an important factor in the film. The main characters were Ali and Zahra, and their family was poor. The first scene at the dawn was that Ali took Zahra’s shoes for repairing. The shoes were entirely shabby, and Zahra had to continue to wear the shoes. After the worker returned his shoes, he went to a shop in order to purchase potatoes. In environmental perspective,...

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