Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Alzheimer 's Disease '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Alzheimer 's Disease '

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As rare as it is to get Early-Onset Alzheimer’s disease, Dr. Alice Howland was among the 5% diagnosed with it. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior”. Clearly, that is what Alice had and was noticeable throughout the movie. If someone were to compare two characters in the movie, could they not compare Alice at the beginning of her diagnosis and at the end of it? When looking back at Alice in the beginning of the movie one can see her colorful and smart personality shine through, whereas at the end of the movie it is evident that she can no longer remember words or dress herself, which clearly shows her transition between two completely different personalities characterizing her as two different characters.
Before Alice was even diagnosed with Alzheimer’s she knew something was wrong. She forgot a word about linguistics at a lecture in California, which was quite unusual. Alice also forgot where she was when she went for a run around campus where she works. She told John in the middle of the night, “I got lost while I was running on campus a while ago and I cannot remember appointments, words…”.These events was what lead her to believe something was wrong. According to Alzheimer’s Disease… A Guide for Families, there are four phases of the disease. One of the four phases is when “the patients speech slows… misunderstand what they hear, lose the thread of a story, or miss the punchline of a simple joke.” Two other phases is when they “lose their orientation to time and place, and is not able to identify familiar people or events.” or “the victim is unable to find their way around a familiar house, wandering,..”(16-17). Slowly...

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...that she wanted to be an actress instead of a doctor or lawyer it did not matter, she still acted towards her with love. The disease will make someone forget a lot but one thing they will not ever forget is love.
From giving lectures on linguistics to writing books, Dr. Alice Howland was a well-known professor around the world and it was a shame to see her mind deteriorate. Alice went from teaching at a respected University to moping around looking at old photo albums of her sister and mom. It is sad to see the transition of Alices’ personality do a complete 180 in such a short time period. Alice was no longer by herself because she now has a care taker and Lydia by her side since she is not capable of getting dressed, finding her way to the bathroom, or remembering what street she lived on. It is unfortunate to think of what Alice once was to what she is now.

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