Alzheimer's Disease Essay

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Everyday a new disease or treatment is being discovered. There are always many questions left unanswered and many answers that are still trying to be figured out. Doctors, along with medical treatment centers and every day people are trying to figure out what Alzheimer’s disease really is or what it is about. Alzheimer’s disease has many common symptoms and effects in both men and women. The common, but confused name for Alzheimer’s disease is Dementia. People commonly confuse these two names because of the effects or symptoms that relate back to the name. Not many people know exactly what Alzheimer’s disease is or what causes it. But there are significant warning signs that lead people to conclude that is it a sad uncontrollable disease. Alzheimer’s disease controls the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, which are associated with a person’s behavior, language and personality. The lobes of the brain generally shrink when being affected and the symptoms and signs generally differ within the male and female and occur at different stages of each of their lives. The symptoms and signs can also be affected by how much of the brain shrunk. Due to the frontal temporal of a person’s brain being affected, people often refer to this as Frontotemporal Dementia, which is another common mistaken name for Alzheimer’s disease. Due to all of the common names for Alzheimer’s disease people also have mistaken the warning signs too. People think with each different disease name there are different effects and warning signs, which is false. The first known occurring warning signs are depression, anxiety, which are other forms of disease that don’t develop into Alzheimer’s, but are significant warning signs that should be taken serious. Ove... ... middle of paper ... ...elopments and deciding to now gain more knowledge about genetic, biological and environment factors do this disease and see if there could be further treatments for these specific areas. But doctors and researches will always explain that there is no full treatment but many various treatments to slow this disease down where it affects the brain the most. By doctors and researchers taking their understanding of this disease further, it can bring family and friends closer together and allow people to fully understand this devastating disease that is effecting their loved ones. It will also allow people to understand with cop with this disease and even treatments will not over come Alzheimer’s disease from taking over. But for now treating this disease will be difficult, due to it can never being able to be fully treated by this distorted disease known as Alzheimer’s.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that alzheimer's disease has many common symptoms and effects in both men and women.
  • Explains that alzheimer's disease controls the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, which are associated with a person’s behavior, language, and personality.
  • Explains that people mistakenly think there are different effects and warning signs for alzheimer's disease. depression, anxiety, and other forms of dementia are signs that should be taken seriously.
  • Explains that alzheimer's is the most server and harsh stage due to a person changing completely. alzheimer patients forget things that happened recently and sometimes can remember things in their past.
  • Explains that the sex of a person does not determine the probability of someone having alzheimer's disease but it can affect the effects on someone and the warning signs differ from each and every individual.
  • Opines that doctors and researchers will come up with many different ways to slow down alzheimer's, but they do believe it can never fully be treated.
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