Essay about Analysis of the John Hopkins Hospital

Essay about Analysis of the John Hopkins Hospital

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Analysis of the John Hopkins Hospital

Executive Summary.
John Hopkins Hospital was founded by John Hopkins a philanthropist and a Quaker by faith in 1867 and endowed in 1873. He dedicated his life and finances approximately $7,000,000 in cash to building a teaching hospital and a university named after him with designations of uniting functions of patient care with education and research. The John Hopkins hospital was officially opened on May 7, 1889. Before Mr. Hopkins died in 1973, he had committed himself to the principle of “united we stand and divided we fall” and selected board of trustees for the hospital and the university whom he entrusted with tasks and responsibilities to carry out his vision. On March 10, 1873, he put in black and white that the hospital must provide for “the indigent sick of the city of Baltimore without regard to sex, age, or color who may need surgical or medical treatment”. In his letter he also specified that the school of nursing and medicine must be established in conjunction with the hospital. Looking at it today, the John Hopkins hospital has evolved into one of the largest teaching hospital in the country. It includes more than 12 smaller hospitals and medical centers affiliated to the main hospital in Baltimore 226 clinical services 977 licensed beds and 37 building in the State of Maryland. The John Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine are the founding institutions of modern American Medicine and the birthplace of so many traditions of medicine including ward rounds, residency programs, and house staff. Many medical specialties including neuroscience by Harvey, cardiac surgery by Blalock, urology, endocrinology pediatrics, and child psychiatry by Kanner were founded at this hospital....

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...spital they are able to provide outstanding patient care at a low or cheaper cost. The students on rotations are also able to cover for shortage of staff thus keeping the patient care uncompromised due to low staffing.

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