Analysis Of The Film ' Real Women Have Curves ' By Patricia Cardoso Essay

Analysis Of The Film ' Real Women Have Curves ' By Patricia Cardoso Essay

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Whenever we hear or see a person of certain racial group, we automatically have an idea of how that person can be. Sometime without realizing, as a society we have some idea of how certain groups act. It is a common thing in our society on which sometimes it can create good or bad interpretations about those ethnic or racial groups. Also, it can create tolerance or intolerance toward other groups because of different ideas or traditions. The concept of stereotypes is what we have been created in our presumptions of a person without even having an idea how they are. The film by Gregory Nava “My Family” and the book by Victor Martinez “Parrot in the Oven Mi Vida” are cleared examples of the concept of stereotypes. In addition, the film “Real Women Have Curves” by Patricia Cardoso demonstrates some the ways stereotypes can affect its own group. The concept of racial stereotypes needs can be good or bad. However, most of the time stereotypes can be a bad influence since ethnic groups can cause misperceptions to other groups, sometimes creating the confusion within the same group and don’t accepting help or advice from others.
Stereotypes can influence on the misunderstanding on how some people see others without even knowing the person as a person. As an example, in the film My Family, when Isabel is pregnant, Glorias’ friend mentions “As soon as you get one trained, teach her some English, she can answer the phone, then, boom, she’s pregnant” (Nava). Glorias’ friend comment gives the understanding that because she is working she shouldn’t be doing something else. Also giving the understanding that only white people should find happiness and no other groups since whom else are going to help them do the hard work. In addition to the ...

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...certain life of style that anything unfamiliar seems wrong. Obviously, changes are difficult and uncomfortable but there are times in which at least the advice can be accept. Sometimes the pride or the unfamiliar can lead to imaginary rivals, creating their own obstacles. As a consequence, these imaginary rivals are carrying throughout generations.
As one can imagine or have unconsciously how certain ethnic or racial groups act, the causes of those stereotypes are there present. Some of those problems are the way people see others before knowing them, how some would react in order to be accepted. Moreover, how those stereotypes create imaginary rivals. Sometimes, stereotypes can be a good influence since they can be used as motivation. This motivation can lead to positive things as demonstrating something that can show who the person is rather than its racial group.

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