Analysis of the Film Good Will Hunting Essay

Analysis of the Film Good Will Hunting Essay

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Good Will Hunting is the graceful tale of a young gentleman’s struggle to find out where he belongs in the world, by first finding out who he himself is. In this film, Matt Damon takes on the role of a disturbed genius that has a keen understanding of the deepness of human character. The film is a voyage through the mind of Will Hunting as he is required to undergo psychotherapy as an alternative to serving jail time. With the assistance of a psychologist, played by Robin Williams, Will learns about himself and recognizes his individual worth in the world by comprehending what is most important to him in his own life. This motion picture serves as a source of superb example for film technique. Gus Van Sant’s directing ability joined with the writing skills of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who also plays Will’s best buddy, Chuckie, is a vibrant mixture of technical features used to induce sentiment and compassion amongst the viewers of this heart-warming film. Characteristics of the color, angles, shots, camera movement, editing, and distortions are all each particularly noteworthy to the general composition of Van Sant’s Good Will Hunting.
To begin, the colors used provide visual indication to inform viewers of the objective of the director and cinematographer (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011). Throughout the majority of the film, very natural colors are used. Van Sant’s use of warm tawny tones is a creative way to create a sense of humanity and forms a strong feeling of understanding for Will. Whenever Will is in a situation he feels secure and relaxed, the hues are very affectionate and welcoming. For example, when he is in Skylar’s (Minnie Driver) room at Harvard, in Sean’s (Robin Williams) office, or in his own residence, the prev...

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...a feeling of unease and repulsion toward the idea of fighting.
To conclude, Van Sant does an outstanding job at directing Good Will Hunting by executing so many diverse and imaginative methods to tell a story that may otherwise get quite boring. The individuality of the elements and the way in which they are used, such as the kaleidoscope effect, is witty, and well-executed, causing the viewer to think about different parts of the film, and mainly about Will. It is especially unique because it does not just give you the answer, rather makes you decipher for yourself, just the same as Will, therefore creating a great sense of understanding for Will Hunting.

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