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The film Good Will Hunting starts by giving us a glimpse into a rather bleak moment in the life of Will Hunting, a college-aged janitor at the prestigious university called MIT. He lives the typical college life in many respects, from regularly meeting his friends at the bar to getting into a relationship built upon lies – with the glaring exception that he is not a college student whatsoever. In fact, he is portrayed as an undiscovered genius…at least until getting into trouble with the law leads to a bail out that eventually turns around his life for the better. Leading up to another arrest after a fight, Will’s brilliance is finally realized when unknowing Professor Lambeau posts what he believes to be a challenging problem to a chalkboard outside of his lecture hall. When Lambeau is made aware of the solved problem the next weekend and addresses his class the following week, no one steps forward to claim their work; Soon after, another problem is posted to help identify the genius and Lambeau catches…show more content…
Before we begin to address this, we must first consult the definition; Among the various ones provided in our textbook, the following phrases will be especially useful for our analysis: Gifted and talented students have “potential high performance capabilities in…specific academic…ability”; “outstanding levels of aptitude (defined as an exceptional ability to reason and learn)”; “above-average general intellectual abilities” (Heward, Alber-Morgan, & Konrad, 2017, pp. 436-437). I find the word potential most striking, especially because many of Will’s friends (as well as Lambeau and Sean) believed that he had significant untapped potential. Also, when standing up for one of his friends at the bar, he went into much detail about historical facts and events in a strikingly logical and academic manner, with vocabulary and elaboration that well-surpassed many of those around

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