Analysis Of ' The Brothers Grimm 's Tales Versions Of Snow White And `` Bluebeard ``

Analysis Of ' The Brothers Grimm 's Tales Versions Of Snow White And `` Bluebeard ``

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In wake of the mass shooting in Orlando Florida, the United States is faced with a nationwide dilemma. Violence has taken over this country in ways that would seem unfathomable to citizens in Canada or almost anywhere in the United Kingdom. Why is there so much killing within this country? It is often said that the youth is the future, so it’s only right to say that the youth of the past is causing this violence in the present. A child’s upbringing definitely has some effect on who they become when they are older. Fairy tales are a part of most children’s lives and as they become adults those tales are still somewhere in their mind. After reading the Brothers Grimm’s Tales versions of “Snow White” and “Bluebeard”, it is evident that these tales constantly use the theme of death to show readers how violence can solve one’s problems.
Snow White’s stepmother is solely focused on being the fairest lady in the land. Unfortunately, when her stepdaughter is old enough she eventually loses that title. On page 84 of the tale, her stepmother approaches a huntsman and says, “I don’t want to have to lay eyes on her ever again. You must kill her and bring me her lungs and liver as proof of your deed,” (84). Since she is no longer the fairest in the land it makes sense to get rid of her competition. Getting rid of Snow White is the perfect way of becoming the fairest in the land again. Once this is over with, her problem is solved and she may live happily ever after. This is a prime example of a character in the tale using violence as an answer to her problem. Why is a child that can barely spell their own name being introduced to this kind of logic?
Death is quite a serious matter and children are in no place to understand that there i...

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... up on the idea that you should kill someone if you have a personal reason why. That makes these fairy tales quite scary because that isn’t the type of logic people should be exposed to. Peace and appreciation of each other’s lives should be something that is constantly preached to our youth. Even in school people are taught that the wars in the United States past lead to our “peace” today. All of this leads me to wonder, if killing leads to peace then why are we constantly at war? Perhaps the leaders of this country believe that life is a fairy tale and all of our problems can be solved with violence.
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