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Fairytales in general have evolved through history, like “Little Red Riding Hood.”
The fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood” has so many versions that has been told from books and movies. There are many different versions of the fairytale with different messages for everyone. “Little Red Riding Hood” is told all around the world, but one message that is always in the fairytale is danger is around. When telling a child about “Little Red Riding Hood” they understand one message that they should not talk to strangers, but children do not understand other messages that are analyzed like killing, poverty, abuse, etc. As adults, we grasp the concept in the messages, I have categorized concepts into groups: representation sexuality, evolution, and victim. My Literature review focus on these three categorize and the meaning
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The fairytale is not just about her journey to grandma’s house, or everyone knowing Little Red Riding Hood because she is a sweet little girl, the fairytale is giving us messages that we should help our elders and we should kind. When we hear queer, we do not say “Little Red Riding Hood” off the bat. In the articles from scholars there is a focus on different parts of “Little Red Riding Hood”, messages and how versions are seen as queer in the fairytale. In the article "A Wolf's Queer Invitation: David Kaplan's Little Red Riding Hood and Queer Possibility" by Jennifer Orme, she analyzes the word queer in "Little Red Riding Hood" which has many meanings to the different versions of the fairytale. “Queer reading, however, is all about straying from the path, particularly one built on binary oppositions between masculine and feminine, active and

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