Analysis Of The Book ' The Secret Stash ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Secret Stash ' Essay

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The Secret Stash

A Simple Plan is a very suspenseful film that is layered with many scenes that impact the viewer. This movie is about three men who live in Rural Minnesota who come across an abandoned plane. After searching the plane they find 4.4 million dollars in lost cash. They plan on keeping the cash if no one claims it for a long time. Along the way, there is a lot of mistrust, secrets, betrayal, and deaths. This movie is definitely a heart- pounder and it has a fantastic storyline.
It all started out when Hank, Jacob, and Lou were in Jacob’s truck, driving to Lou’s house when all of a sudden a fox jumped out in front of Jacob and he swerved and hit a tree. Everyone got out of the truck and chased the fox into the woods. While going through the woods they stumble upon a crashed airplane. Hank decides to look inside the plane and he discovers a dead pilot and 4.4 million dollars. Hank wanted to turn in the money so he didn 't have to go through any trouble if someone was looking for it. Jacob and Lou persuaded Hank to let them keep the money, but Hank said that the money will be safe in his house until the end of winter. As they were walking back to Jacob’s truck Sheriff Carl drove by them as soon as they hid the money in the bed of the truck. Carl was asking the men if they needed help and they said no. Jacob mentioned something about hearing a plane around, trying not to seem suspicious. Carl kind of looked at him in a weird way and then Hank butted in and started on how they had to leave. Carl left and then the three men decide to keep the money a secret, but as soon as Hank gets home he told his wife Sarah. Sarah suggests that Hank takes some of the money back to the plane to avoid any suspicion from anyone.
The n...

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... he tries to kill Hank, but Hank managed to kill the agent. Jacob shows up and Hank is telling Jacob what they are going to say to the police. Jacob says I do not want to be part of this anymore and he threatens to shoot himself. Hank wouldn 't let him do that and then Jacob told Hank to shoot him and frame the FBI agent for all of the murders. As much as Hank did not want to kill his brother he shot and killed Jacob.
Hank went to the police station and tells his story to actual FBI agents. The agents believed hank because they thought he could not do something like that. Hank is not a suspect but he soon learns that the police are writing down all of the serial numbers on the cash so they can track it. Hank knows now he cannot keep any of the money without getting caught so he burns it. He realizes everything that has happened over all of that money for nothing.

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