Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Righteous Few '

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Righteous Few '

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dissidents’ significance as “the righteous few” who redeem the nation is reinforced by the association between their rebellion and their children, who symbolize the nation’s future.” (938, Wilkes) It seems Fallada thought the good seeds were truly children, as they were innocent and not influenced by society just yet, and are the future, making them the conscious of the nation, or “good seeds”.
Inspector Escherish becomes involved as the cards get turned in to the police one by one. Enno Kluge (whose ex wife Eva Kluge lived in the same building as the Quangel’s) was a drunk who stole and did not care for his wife or kids, resulting in homelessness and self-pity. He was seen as a suspect as he was bothering the receptionist at a doctor’s office, to which the receptionist thought he was rather strange and of annoyance. Otto had happened to drop off one of his cards at the doctors that day, and Kluge was blamed for suspicion. The inspector knew Kluge was innocent, yet he had messed up, knowing if his boss knew he didn’t have a real lead on the case, Escherish would be in for it. To solve his problem, he later on took Kluge to a lake, and had convinced Kluge to take his own life with a gun. “And now you’re in my hands, now I can give you peace and liberty…” He held the muzzle against the brow of the groaning man, and giggled: “Can you feel how cold that is? That’s peace and freedom, that’s the ice we’ll be buried in, for ever and ever…” (490, Fallada) It seems apparent that Fallada added suicide to this novel as he himself tried to take his own life several times. Perhaps he thought he was Kluge, as he also wallowed in self-pity, drunkenness, trapped in a cold hard world of sadness and solitude. The gun seemed to symbolize the truth, ...

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...acters such as Otto and Anna Quangel battle in a silent, yet powerful way to demonstrate their dignity, as well as individuals of a better Germany. The author Hans Fallada added symbolism and depth to demonstrate the maltreatment that not only Jews, but also German citizen’s received as well. With Hans Fallada being one of them, it seems evident that he added a vast proportion of his personal experiences into the novel, through the characters actions, voices, and experiences. In the society Fallada had once lived, it was impossible to say how one truly felt, so it seems possible to be able to express opinion through fictional writing. Fallada claimed, "A novel has its own laws and can not follow in all of reality" (Groschupt, 2011) which is substantial proof that this author expresses his internal thoughts and personal life in this novel, amongst many other novels.

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