Essay Analysis Of The Book ' Lamott '

Essay Analysis Of The Book ' Lamott '

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Journal Reading #5 : Lamott
• Main Argument
All writers go through really bad first drafts, even professional ones. The first draft is most likely a mandatory step and writers in general do not appreciate or enjoy that step one bit.
• Do you agree with it? Why?
A lot of what the author says seems true and quite accurate to me. For example, the part where she states that her friend mentions that there is choice in writing: "It 's not like you don 't have a choice, because you do -- you can either type or kill yourself" (Pg. 22), does affect me. Not to the extent of her friend, but I do know I have a choice (get a bad grade or actually write) and I do tend to go with the choice to write.
Additionally, she mentions the whole process of the first draft: how it is annoying, hard, long, confusing, and filled with overall judgments that incapacitate the writer to just overall "write". The turmoil that is experienced when writing (or just thinking about) the first draft is concurrent with what I experience, which can vary highly from the dreaded "writer 's blank" where I just sit in front of a blank paper for hours with my hand refusing to cooperate into writing them, to the emotional breakdown as the idea of the approaching deadline while still being a format and organization freak on a reasonably good paper.
Consequently, when author Lamott expresses that all writers will have issues and problems with the process of the first "shitty" drafts, I concur at least on a personal level.
• Persona
Lamott uses an active and engaging persona throughout her writing. She provides the persona of the stressed writer that has a very hard time putting ideas on paper and while doing so, is critical and intensively concerned about the terrible wri...

... middle of paper ...

...--down on paper. A friend of mine says that the first draft is the down draft--you just get it down. The second draft is the up draft--you fix it up. You try to say what you have to say more accurately. And the third draft is the dental draft, where you check every tooth, to see if it 's loose or cramped or decayed, or even, God help us, healthy." (Pgs. 25-26)
I believe that this passage fits the overall teachings of the class. I do have to say that it still is stressful to focus on the idea of three drafts as we are in a quarter system and time is sometimes not always available. However, I also think that through the sections and prep works, I am capable of making better first drafts, as I do not feel as stress out about starting the writing process. If I follow the guidelines, feedback and structure of the previous assignments than my drafts will be overall better

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