Analysis Of The Book ' Cinderella ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Cinderella ' Essay

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Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery is a common saying. If it is in fact true, then modern writers sure do love fairytale authors of the past! However, in the modern versions, many things are changed drastically, most notably the characters and their actions! One such example of this is the many different adaptions of what is now known as Rapunzel, the original is an Italian fairytale that is very different from the tales by the Brothers Grimm or Disney that most people are familiar with. Not only plot points but also what certain characters do and how they influence the story. Recently, a novel has been published that takes the Italian and French version of the story and mixes them together. Another story with many interpretations, from Perrault to Grimm to Disney, Cinderella has roots or variations in most cultures throughout the history of fairytales. The way these many different authors have written the story and Cinderella herself is very interesting. There will also be examination of a lesser-known tale with not as many adaptions. Bluebeard has some great adaptions but by far the most contemporary is the version Margaret Atwood decided to write. This re-telling takes Perrault’s tale and turns it on its head and completely changes the main character. These fairytales were favored classic, but things change with time, and modern re-tellings are one reason such tales stick around for so long.
Rapunzel is a large beats to tackle. There are so many adaptions that are more popular than the original. So much so not many know of the origins of Rapunzel. The original is called Petrosinella, and was written by Giambattista Basile, it was published in 1634. In Petrosinella, one thing that was surprising was the birth mo...

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...he version by Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force comparing it to the novel, “Bitter Greens” the antagonist gets to have a happy ending. This is a unique trait, as many others(Brothers Grimm, Disney, Basile) decided to punish the witch/ogress. One reason could be that women wrote both happy endings. That is a paper for another day, though.
The very famous fairy tale Cinderella, all versions studied here show that even though authors tend to give the stepsisters sympathetic traits, the ‘evil stepmother’ trope is still going strong is fairy tales. In Bluebeard, no matter the authors intent, the moral of the story really is not to be too trusting and naïve, because man is inherently evil (Lord of the Flies, anyone?). No matter the different tales and varying authors, fairy tales are important staples in our society and will most likely evolve with the human race.

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