Analysis Of The Article ' People First Language ' By Kathie Snow Essays

Analysis Of The Article ' People First Language ' By Kathie Snow Essays

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The following is a response and reflection to the article “People First Language” by Kathie Snow. My first personal interpretation of the article was of a person on a rampage and I could not understand the content of the article. The author Kathie Snow seemed to be upset that people with disabilities are labeled, instead of being addressed by their name. In her article, it appeared that she was using false analogies. Her article compared people with disabilities and medical diagnoses like psoriasis, arthritis, diabetes. I am not sure if I agree with this analogy, because not all disabilities are a physical medical issue. Some disabilities are cognitive, social, or emotional and really have no relationship with medical disabilities. Although, it takes a professional medical person in some subfield of the medical field to diagnose a disability, it just seems that, there is no correlation between medical physical issues and disability. On the other hand, there were parts of the article that I found interesting.
After I reread the article a few more times, the concept that I found interesting was the perspective that Kathie Snow used to ensure that people first language is implemented. Kathie Snow’s article talked about the power of language and labels, and this reminded me of a project that I completed in my Visual Arts class. The project was created because of research completed by Dr. Caroline Leaf, in which she described how different thoughts and words affect the brain. Another aspect of Kathie Snow’s article in which she reveals that the real problems are attitudinal and environmental barriers, this brought to my remembrance, a paper that I wrote for my English class titled Passion for Prisoners. In my paper, I wrote, “the malic...

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...he eyes may not see, and that is a person.
In conclusion, this article has surpassed the surface knowledge that people are people regardless of sex, color, creed, or disability, but it provided me with new perspective on the power of names. During college, the concept of people first language has been embedded in my brain, because it is important to acknowledge the person and not the disability. This respectable language needs to also be used with everyone that meet. As I go about my day, I recall this article and make sure when I address a person at a gas station, store, school, or resturaunt, I refer to them by their name. The ideology of people first is a phenomenal public and professional appeal, and when one can cultivate a habit of using people’s name, then the connection is made on a deeper personal level that will produce strong and effective relationships.

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