Analysis Of The Article ' Escape From The Western Diet ' By Michael Pollan

Analysis Of The Article ' Escape From The Western Diet ' By Michael Pollan

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Michael pollan is an American journalist, author and activist, and he is currently working as a professor of Journalism at the UC Berkeley Graduate school of Journalism. He completed his B.A. in English from Bennington in 1977 and an M.A. in English from Colombia in 1981. Michael pollen is author of many food and eating related books For Example, The omnivore’s dilemma, A natural history of four meals, Food rules, In defense of food and many others. In 2010, Michael pollan was named one of the top magazines top 100 most influential people. As we know obesity is common in Unites States and its rate is increasing day by day, this is the reason pollan made this argument to make people aware regarding this issue that what are the causes of obesity and many other harmful diseases. The article “Escape from the western diet” written by Michael Pollan is about the harmful effects caused by the western diet. In this argument pollen claims for stop eating western diet because western diet is the reasons of so many harmful diseases For example obesity, diabetes, and many other heart diseases which are very common now a days in Unites States. The purpose of his argument is to encourage the audience to leave western diet and get back to the diet and lifestyle of their ancestor in order to live healthy life. Ultimately pollan essay “Escape from the western diet” is a persuasive essay because pollan used all of the three techniques of persuasion which are used to convince audience Ethos, Pathos and logos which made his argument successful.
Pollan used the technique of ethos in order to appeal his trustworthy to his audience. Michael pollen organized his argument very well. He builds the arguments, by going through and describing the facts and cl...

... middle of paper ...

...njoying them”
He further mention
“Traditionally people have allocated a far greater proportion of their income to food – as they still do in several of the countries where people eat better than we do and as a consequence is healthier than we are”
Which show that rate of diseases is higher in America who eat western diet than in other countries who eat their traditional food cooked at home which shows that processed western diet is the main cause of diseases which appeals to the audience that what author is arguing is logical.
After reading the argument I totally agree with the author as he used all 3 techniques to persuade the audience that In order to live healthy life we should have to prevent from serious illness which can only be prevented by escaping un-healthy western diet and by keeping the three rules of pollan’s in mind “eat food, not much, mostly plants”.

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