Analysis Of ' Swans ' And ' The Elephants Celebes ' Essay example

Analysis Of ' Swans ' And ' The Elephants Celebes ' Essay example

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In the early 1920 a new era of art began one that required you to think deep and investigate our thoughts to understand the depiction of life or a dream state. Imagination, subconscious and conscious minds are all apart of creating surrealistic art; Surrealism is not just paintings and sculptures it also includes literature. Art from all over was now made to “evoke a response” from the world around them and the war that took it over. Artist like Max Earnest and Salvador Dali were huge influences for this movement and made great contributions through thei r artistic genius and ability to self-analysis and express. “Swans Reflecting Elephants” is an amazing painting created by Salvador Dali and “The Elephants Celebes” by Max Ernest.
Where did Surrealism come from and what is it about? Early 1920s in Paris After the Dada movement and World War One ended in about 1922 the another art movement started to rise out of the ashes of another. To know what it surrealism is you have to know what it came from, The Dada was a movement that was not necessarily always artistic but it erupted out of war and artist wanted to show “their disgust with the war and life in general”, the Art is described almost as protest art. On the other hand, surrealism was not violent and had more artistic work that the Dada. Andre Brenton is said to the “God Father” of the movement by starting it with his literature. Just like many other new ideas this one was not widely accepted at the beginning the ideas of surrealism became popular after it was introduced in New York. The artist of this movement want to “bring together the conscious and unconscious to create an absolute reality” for the viewers of the work to show the “real process of thought”. This movement b...

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...imal. The Elephant Celebes is seen as a college like painting because of the random features of the painting such as the headless torso in the bottom right and the two fish swimming in the sky in the top left.
The surrealist movement began after the world wars and raised out of the ashes of the Dads movement starting in about 1922. Surrealism was about channeling the unconscious to unlock and liberate the creativity and imagination of the mind, not only did it come in the form of art but literature and film as well; artist like Salvador Dali demonstrated this well by connecting and creating surrealistic art in all its forms. Max Ernest was a huge influence in surrealistic era by creating new techniques and traveling to inspire his-self and others. The purpose of surrealistic art was to create an “absolute reality” through imagery and to expose the grotesque world.

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