Essay about Analysis Of Nicolas Carr 's ' Is Google Making Us Stupid

Essay about Analysis Of Nicolas Carr 's ' Is Google Making Us Stupid

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Nicolas Carr believes that the internet effects cognition. He assumes that it shapes the way we think. In Nicolas Carr’s, “Is Google Making Us Stupid,” there is a direct correlation between Taylorism and google’s mission of creating “a utopia of perfect efficiency,” robbing humans of deep thinking, resulting in the depletion of learning to articulate the minds erratic consciousness, and of its attention span.
Taylorism is the result of Federick Winslow Taylor creating a more efficient way for industrial manufacturing. Nicolas Carr believes google is doing the same thing for the operation of the human mind, and creating a new essence of being (Carr, 5). Carr uses, psychologist, Maryanne Wolf’s saying that, “we are how we read,” in order to establish the idea that reading online has shaped who we have become. Through the evolution of technology, because of its simple obtainability, humans have adapted to the fast pace of gushing information that is the internet, leading to our detaching of the core of a passage. He believes that we have learned to seek “efficiency,” and “immediacy,” over content (Carr, 5). According to Carr, this reduces the ability of deep reading, and making “rich mental connections.” Speedy information snatches deep thinking.
Nicolas Carr believes that the way we read has changed, due to the consequence of our brains constant rewiring. Well, in order for our brains to fit the pace of its quick evolving environment, it must learn how to function in a world of vast amounts of information. The internet allows our brains to find information without much effort. Our cognition is “subsuming” into a constant stream of conveniency that is becoming “our map, and our clock, our printing press and our typewriter, our...

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...their essence. Without the ability to think, we become the “artificial intelligence” (Carr, 14).
We learn in order to fulfill our curiosity. We want to know more. Learning is our way of seeking answers to our questions. When we are presented with ideas or information, it stimulates curiosity. We become challenged by the idea or information. We develop a need to know or a motive to learn. We pursue the answer for these ideas that puzzle us. When we question something, we have a motivation to learn the answer. This formulated idea of learning is the result of deep thinking. Without ambiguity, there will be a halt in the evolution of man, and the destruction of deep thinking. Google’s mission of creating “the perfect search engine . . . that understands exactly what you mean, and gives you back exactly what you want,” is rewiring human essence, Nicolas Carr’s fear.

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