Essay on Analysis Of `` Good Country People `` And `` Cathedral ``

Essay on Analysis Of `` Good Country People `` And `` Cathedral ``

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Some people are unaware of what literature really means. Literature is referring to something that deals with a body of written works; within poems, plays and novels. Literature is used to explore human experiences in all possibilities. It is something that deals with our most apprehensiveness such as death, family, religion, good and evil, character, courage, and more. “While the information is represented in abstract form and generalized: facts, statistics, and data” (Gillespie, 20). It offers a different type of learning than just collecting information by, requiring us to experience things and participate. When looking for literature in stories you want to look for irony, symbolism, the theme, setting, main characters and supporting characters. All three of the stories “Good Country People”, “Revelation”, and “Cathedral” have different ways of showing literature throughout the story. As they do showing the nihilism, boredom, cynicism and barbarism which all three of the stories pursue a different type.
The first story is “Good Country People”, this story is about basically the characters are making mistakes and taking the cliché’s as original insights. There are two main characters that are higher-up in eyes of others. With Mrs. Hopewell describing herself as having “no bad qualities of her own” but she is also categorizing others as “good country people” and “trash.” Joy sees herself as top quality but it lies in her mind. She is making it known that if it was not for her health problem she would be somewhere teaching “who knew what she was talking about.” But, yet she is fooled by the bible salesman to such an extent that he is able to steal her wooden leg. Within this story, it shows symbolism with the characters names suc...

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...erature and the dangers of this period.
With that being said all three of these stories are showing different what Gillespie would categorize as “good literature” whether it is being shown through the name of the characters by what they mean, drawings, a characters feelings, the theme of the story, setting, etc. Also, this gives us a better understanding not only just through the short stories but also just in general so that we know that literature is not just within your reading it is also in life itself. We use literature throughout the day, every day and we might not even know it but you are using it with your religion, activities and basically anything else that you do outside of reading short stories. So, when using literature it is basically giving others a chance to look at life itself and to get a feel of what life is all about and what to look forward to.

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