Analysis Of George Orwell 's Textual And Visual Worlds Essay

Analysis Of George Orwell 's Textual And Visual Worlds Essay

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The Parallels Between George Orwell’s Textual and Visual Worlds

George Orwell 's 1984 is a foretelling work of textual art. It provides a means for people to develop a farsighted view of the message that Orwell portrayed throughout the story. That message portrayed was to become aware of the risk that our society runs of becoming automatons annihilated by different forms of control and people who want to acquire and use power. The story occurs in the year 1984 a state called Oceania. Oceania is one of three totalitarian superpowers in the aftermath of World War 11 Europe, along with Eurasia and Eastasia. “Totalitarian” means to be in relation to the control of people of a country in avery strict way with complete power that cannot be opposed. A superpower is an extremely powerful nation. Oceania is the stage where themes that are relevant today such as humanity, oppression, justice, dignity, totalitarianism, and control are manifested. The manifestation of the themes is evinced through the action displayed by characters such as Winston Smith, Julia, O 'Brien, Big Brother, Syme, Emmanuel Goldstein, Mr. Charrington, and Parsons. Thus, both film and stage adaptations were effective in some aspects. However, the adaptation that is closest to Orwell’s intention in regard to characters and themes is the stage adaptation.
To illustrate, both film and stage adaptations were germane to the story line. A storyline is the series of events that happens in a story, or in other words, it is the plot. Therefore, both adaptations properly depicted the storyline because the events were consecutively well ordered as the events followed in the book. If the events would have been in a different order that would fulfill the director 's choice o...

... middle of paper ...

...ell 's intention in regards to the characters and themes. Others may feel that way because they would prefer to watch a traditional portrayal of the story, as a result of the stage adaptation having a modern incorporation of technology and environment. Conversely, both film and stage adaptations were effective. However the stage adaptation was closest to Orwell 's intention in regard to characters and themes because of how dramatically well expressed the actors were, causing the themes to be alive and relevant to our current society. Furthermore, it gave credence to the fact that our world is a living paradox. As far as our society has survived without being annihilated into automatons, we continue to ignore how careless we are in regard to how our worldfunctions.Certainly, Orwell’s work has not lost its vitality because it has affected the past, present, and future.

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