Analysis Of Froissart 's Chronicles Of The Hundred Years ' War Period Essay

Analysis Of Froissart 's Chronicles Of The Hundred Years ' War Period Essay

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Froissart’s Chronicles, simply known as the Chroniques, is considered by historians as the one of the important entities that recounts the events which happened during the Hundred Years’ War period. It was an extensive literary work with approximately 1.5 million words in length, written in Middle French prose by Jean Froissart. The Chronicles start by narrating the deposition of King Edward II in year 1326 and covering events from this time onward up to year 1400, hence can be significant in the study of the first part of the Hundred Years’ War. This source is also of vital importance in the study as well as the understanding of the chivalric culture of the 14th century England and French as chivalry and knighthood are the central ideal of the entire Chronicles. Froissart’s Chronicles was devoted to knightly and aristocratic readers (usually nobles and royalties), as evident in the first paragraph of his monumental written piece, which stated that: “In order that the honourable enterprises, noble adventures and deeds of arms which took place during the wars waged by France and England should be fittingly related and preserved for posterity, so that brave men should be inspired thereby to follow such examples, I wish to place on record these matters of great renown.”
Froissart’s Chronicles was preserved in around 150 manuscripts in libraries of different countries and was believed to exist in 4 books. However, only around 114 manuscripts survived to tell the tales from Book I to Book III; the manuscripts for Book IV were only partial transcriptions and largely lost. The manuscripts for the Chronicles are usually lavishly and expensively illuminated, and this reflects the fact that the Chronicles intended audience are those of ...

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...e readers. For instance, he has written that: “They were men who did public penance and scourged themselves with whips of hard knotted leather with little iron spikes. Some made themselves bleed very badly between the shoulders and some foolish women had cloths ready to catch the blood and smear it on their eyes, saying that it was miraculous blood.”
In conclusion, although Froissart Chronicles is written based on the historical events that occurred during the Hundred Years’ War period, the reports of these events can be erroneous and inaccurate, which is a main characteristic of medieval historical writing. Hence, historians must view this in caution as part of the writing can be fictitious. Nonetheless, Froissart’s work do provide some insight on the ideal and belief of chivalry as well as code of honour that existed between nations during the late 14th century.

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