Analysis Of Fox News Poll On The Poll Essay

Analysis Of Fox News Poll On The Poll Essay

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Fox News published the results of an election poll on October 18th, 2016 that indicated that Hilary Clinton was polling ahead of Donald Trump. This Fox News poll was conducted over telephone interviews with over one-thousand registered voters and nine hundred and twelve likely voters. The margin of error that was found in this Fox News Poll was up to three percent higher or lower for both candidates. Head to head in the polls Hilary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump by seven percent with forty-nine percent of the population preferring Clinton opposed to Donald Trump polling at forty-two percent. When Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are taken into account Hilary Clinton drops four percent down to forty-five percent of the population where Trump only dropped three percent down to thirty-nine percent of the population that was polled. Gary Johnson accounted for five percent of the population that was polled and Jill Stein won over two percent of the population.
The Fox News poll goes into great depth on differing variables that need to be taken into account when examining this poll. There is separation based on many factors such as gender, political party affiliation, age, race, religion, education and occupation. In regards to gender, the race is clear that there is a significant separation between whom men prefer as president and who women prefer. Donald Trump has been polling ahead of Hilary Clinton by seven points among men, and Hilary Clinton is polling ahead with females by seventeen points. It is clear which candidate supports the rights of women based on this poll, and it is no wonder that a small group of Donald Trump supporters have made claims that they want to repeal the nineteenth amendment. Hilary Clinton has won over the ...

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...stered and likely voters, the United States of America is made up of three hundred and twenty million people, showing that this election poll is actually an extremely small sample size.
After examining this poll more thoroughly, I am impressed with Fox News and their ability to conduct and produce this poll with an unbiased lean to the right. When opening this poll I assumed that Fox News would have made one of Donald Trump’s trumped up polls that show him dominating Hilary Clinton. I am confident that this poll is fairly accurate. If I could further examine this poll or ask Fox News to improve this poll I would ask for a larger sample size and who the target sample size is. Overall, I agree with the method that the poll was conducted in and would only like to see a larger sample size produced out of one f the largest media outlets in the United States of America.

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