The History of Olympic Diving

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Anything related to the Olympics sports in today’s modern era dates clear back to 776 BC; however, some sports that are in the twenty-first-century Olympic Games have only just started. A sport like diving reached the Olympic level in 1904 at the Summer Olympic Games. Both springboard and platform diving have had an interest in my life, since, indeed I am a diver myself. As diving had begun to evolve from just a simple “swan dive” to a 109 B (Forward 4 and ½ somersaults, pike), not only has the difficulty tremendously increased in this sport, but it has been one of the most watched sports in the Olympics games since it took off in 1904. Another thing that was added into the Olympic venue would be synchronized diving (synchronized, meaning at the same time or rate). When synchronized diving first took off in 2000, at the Sydney Summer Olympic Games, it sparked an attention all around the world. As precise, and “picture perfect” (so to speak), that two divers have to be to please a number of diving judges to give them a perfect 10 in synchronized diving is probably one of the hardest sports to do. To conduct my research on the Olympic Diving venue spanning from 1904 to our current date (2014), already 100 years of this sport has already happened, through the paper there will be information about the concept of diving and three things that were interesting that not many people would know. As most athletes train for the Olympics, whether it is the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics, the athlete goes through certain stages to get there. However, Richard Degener (USA), at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany, won the Olympic gold medal on springboard, one of the very few divers who won gold in the Olympic Games. One person that is w... ... middle of paper ... ...s of diving a little more, but now as I continue my diving career to the collegiate level. My coach at the University of Wyoming plans to make me a national diver. Now with as much information I have achieved through this project, diving now gives me another outlook of what it really is. Works Cited Franklin, Woody. "Early History of Olympic Diving." Early History of Olympic Diving. Ed. Diving., n.d. Web. 2 Mar. 2014. . Gott, J. Richard, and Wesley N. Colley. "Median Statistics in Polling." ScienceDirect Nov. 2008: 1396-408. Print. Halberstadt, Jamin. "Carryover Effects of Analytic Thought on Preference Quality." ScienceDirect July 2008: 1199-203. Print. "History of Diving." History of Diving. Great Britain Diving Federation, n.d. Web. 2 Mar. 2014. .

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