Analysis Of 500 Days Of Summer By Marc Webb And Produced By Steven J. Wolfe

Analysis Of 500 Days Of Summer By Marc Webb And Produced By Steven J. Wolfe

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Life can offer a seemingly perfect relationship that takes a sudden drop towards separation without the realization that communication between partners has shown signs of deterioration early on in the connection. The film, 500 Days of Summer, directed by Marc Webb and produced by Steven J. Wolfe, recounts the story of a relationship set in the lives of Tom and Summer, two characters that met at their jobs in the same greeting card company. Although Summer made her doubts of love and relationships clear from the beginning, she and Tom soon develop a more intimate relationship. From the start, Tom was instantly convinced that Summer was the one person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. However, Tom began to realize too late in their relationship that his interpretations of Summer’s actions toward him were not matched by her views. This led to feelings of intense heartbreak for Tom as Summer ended their relationship to continue on with her life. In his last confrontation with Summer, he discovered that Summer had always meant to keep him close as a friend and their incompatible relational goals could never have worked out. Thus, conflict was inevitable. Through the communication that occurred within the relationship of Tom and Summer, it is apparent that misinterpretations of nonverbal communication and the styles of managing conflict ultimately led them to their relationship’s demise.
Nonverbal communication contributed a large part in creating relational uncertainty within Tom and Summer’s relationship. There were multiple occasions within the film when Summer’s behavior may have led Tom to believe that she wanted more than the platonic relationship she established. For example, Summer kissed Tom in the copy room of the...

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...r’s relationship inevitably fell to its demise due this ambiguity and incompatibility, an occurrence that I have experienced myself. Since I come from a high-context culture, it is preferred by society to keep to myself and avoid directness. From this, I had often hoped that my partner would be able to pick up on my nonverbal behaviors much more effectively than they did. This assumption that others are like us is a debilitative tendency. For this reason, I believe that Tom should have established his feelings more directly towards Summer instead of letting his actions speak. Since people have different perceptions of life values, it is important to gauge the understanding of the other person and have a mutual boundary set within a relationship. However vague communication can be, communication serves as a significant function within our relationships and our lives.

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