Essay about Analysis Of Alex 's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Essay about Analysis Of Alex 's Lemonade Stand Foundation

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Part Four – Recommendations and Letter
Throughout the research conducted on Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, it was difficult to find eight recommendations for the organization; having been established over 10 years ago, the nonprofit appears to have everything figured out and under control. However, there are some areas that may seem to step outside the box, but worthy of consideration.
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, although familiar to many, I had never heard of it. Actually, when I searched for nonprofit organizations on the web to see what populated, this organization was located on a list of the top 100 nonprofits on the web and listed in the number 83rd spot. This was my first indication that they may not be utilizing advertising effectively, or at all. As Worth states “Clients and customers cannot partake of products or services if they do not know of their existence or what they comprise” (Worth, 2014, p. 245). A perfect opportunity to place a commercial would be during one of the upcoming sporting events, such as the approaching World Series or in a few months during the Super Bowl.
Promotion can take the form of printed ads, commercials, billboards or handbills but must provide the who, what, when, where, and why (Hamlet, n.d., para 2). I believe ALSF could benefit by the use of virtual billboard in and around the surrounding States to promote a large fundraising event. For example, tomorrow, October 22, 2016, ALSF will host their first lemon climb in Boston. Most likely this event will become an annual event; however, there were no advertisements outside of their website to inform the local population of the event. Additionally, in larger cities such as Washington DC, Boston, New York City, an...

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... also push notifications of new fundraising events that were created. In general, an added benefit of social media is that it promotes brand awareness while the organization stays active and engaged with their audience (Istvanova, 2014, para. 7).
Personal Reflection
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation was by far the easiest and the hardest nonprofit organization to select for this project. Specifically, they are 10 years old, experienced, well-organized, and seem to have and be doing just about everything that a nonprofit organization should be. I believe that their greatest weakness is publicity. This is by no means a result of funds; although, I certainly understand the desire to provide as much funding as possible toward research. However, I also believe that with the right advertising combined with the ultimate placement, the benefit will far outweigh the cost.

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