Analysis And Analysis Of Major Quest Part I Essay

Analysis And Analysis Of Major Quest Part I Essay

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Over this semester, I have written several papers that made me grow as a writer. In the Summary & Analysis and in Major Quest Part I, I was challenged in several ways, which pushed me to try harder and become a better writer. For example, in these assignments I had to focus on my organization skills to develop an understandable paper that effectively proved my point. I also had to do effective research in order to support my arguments. These assignments also showed me some of my weaknesses as a writer such as the lack of transitions and the variety of diction and syntax, which I plan to improve for future development in my writing.
In the Summary & Analysis, the assignment goals were to read the assigned text, summarize it, and analyze the writing, while incorporating your position on the issue. This assignment really forced me to read and analyze the text. I had to first read it for only what the text was stating without analyzing the text. This was challenging for me, because I am so accustomed to analyzing a text while I am reading it. To overcome this struggle, I had to read th...

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