An Offense Against Religious Or Moral Law Essay

An Offense Against Religious Or Moral Law Essay

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Picture this. A man walks into a classroom and shoots someone dead. Is this a sin? Now picture this. A man bursts into a class room running. “Don’t shoot” the man yells. As he says this a police officer runs in after him and shoots him. Is this a sin? Does the circumstance matter? Both involved someone you didn’t know anything about getting killed. In order to answer these questions you have to know what sin is. Sin according to Webster’s dictionary is “an offense against religious or moral law”. Okay that’s easy to understand and have a meaning if you are religious. If you’re not though, does sin exist? If you do not believe in any higher power to judge you then what is stopping you from killing anybody who you don’t like.
Some people might argue that we as homosapienas have morals. That is, in born triggers to know if something is right or wrong. How can you be sure these so said morals are justified or correct? More questions than answers. My point is that the only judges we have of what is right and wrong are either our own self-made morals that change from society to society, or sins. Sin however also is different from one society to the next. This can be reasoned that different societies have different sins they hold to be true. If this is true, and history shows it to be, then how can we judge anything as right or wrong? How can we be sure that killing someone is a sin? Take for instance the armies of the world. Are they saved from sin because they fight for a reason? Is a justified killing not a sin? If so then as long as your reason is valid in your mind, killing is not a sin. Some people have the mindset that if you’re in the war you’re willing to kill and die for your country or something bigger than yourself. Th...

... middle of paper ... to make a tough decision about thinking in the here and now or more emotionally or thinking with foresight and coldhearted logic. This is not to say killing people is right. This is just to say, people will die no matter what, so think carefully before you jump to thinking something is a sin.
It’s easy to think of sin as black and white but it’s really not that easy. Just because we have been lead to think of sin in one way or another does not necessarily mean it is right. Before we think of something as wrong or as a sin, we, not just Americans but every human, needs to step back and put ourselves in their shoes. Picture this. A woman knocks on a door. A handsome man opens the door and stares at her as she points a gun to his head. His head snaps backwards as a bullet rockets through his skull. This man was the rapist of her daughter. Was killing this man a sin?

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