Religious Law Essay

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In countries where religious law is prominent, it is very important and respected. It is divine law , and strives to guide human behavior with spiritual mandate. Religious law serves as a representation of the religions values and morals. Most followers of this type of law believe that the law came from God(s).
A certain type of religious law is Islamic law. The Koran is the basis for Islamic law. “The Koran sets down basic standards of human conduct, but does not provide a detailed law code.”( While Muhammad was alive, he claimed to have had a vision of the angel Gabriel while also hearing voices; for the remainder of his life Muhammad said he had visions where he could hear the words of God. Consequently Muhammad’s followers recorded what he said, writing the Koran. According to The Constitutional Rights Foundation website, Muhammad helped clarify the law by interpreting provisions in the Koran and acting as a judge in legal cases. Furthermore Islamic law, or Sharia law became an important part of the Muslim religion. Sharia most literally means “path” in Arabic, and guides all aspects of Muslim life. Sharia law followers will look to Sharia law for every aspect of their lives, whether it be who they should or should not invite over for dinner, or marry or how they should act in a certain situation. Muslims who recognize Sharia law to be the ultimate guide to their lives look to it for everything they need guidance or help with. It decides the way they live their lives.
Marriage and divorce are very significant aspects of Islamic law, but criminal law could be considered the most controversial. The Sharia categorizes its offenses by the types of punishment each receives. There are offenses which are paired...

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...are dwindling. People are seeing the countries around them adopting modern and tolerant policies and it is making them think. I believe that Sharia law will continue to be effective until it’s followers decide it no longer is.
There is actually no one document called the Sharia. Sharia is just the name encompasses all Islamic law. When Muslims need a document to look to they will look to the Koran. The law has been interpreted by Muslim scholars over time. The Muslim people respect Sharia law very much so, and are interested in preserving it’s teachings. Sharia law is has it’s own full functioning court system, with ways to punish perpetrators, and appeal cases, as well as providing guidelines for how to live a proper Muslim life style. The practices may be old, and maybe even outdated but they are greatly respected, as well as controversial throughout the world.
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