An Interesting And Cunning Piece Of Art By Albrecht Durer Essay

An Interesting And Cunning Piece Of Art By Albrecht Durer Essay

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Saint Jerome In His Study is an interesting and cunning piece of art by Albrecht Dürer who was born in Nuremberg under control of the Holy Roman Empire in May of 1471 as a native German. His life’s work and contributions to the High Renaissance are prime examples of how someone could make an impressive contribution to history during the spectacular events of the Renaissance as humanity progressed away from the disparity of the Dark Ages. Concepts of theory, philosophy, cultural studies, and other knowledge driven movements were finally starting to be pursued by many more of those who expressed interest, despite the considerable number topics that were eventually banned by the clerics of Christianity’s prolonged and extensive influence across the old world. However, due to the role Christianity has played within the story of the Renaissance, creations like this would never have been produced with such beautiful details without such an influence. Fortunately, these great works and their diligent, alluring complexities have been saved and enjoyed for centuries by not only Europeans but by practically every ethnicity. Dürer uses a variety of different artistic styles along with a diverse portfolio of individual conceptual styles that become visualized through the symbolism he has chosen to employ. Saint Jerome is centralized within the image to show he’s the main idea of the creation. His head is illuminated by an invisible line leading from one of the honeycombs of the window design on the left of the painting. This is an addition to Saint Jerome being displayed as the central idea as he’s being illuminated in such a precise manner that the rays of sunlight are beaming perfectly at him, giving him a warm persona. Lying before him are...

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... truly made Saint Jerome a memorable person during his time spent within the High Renaissance and his contributions to history. The book of Jonah is referenced by the last of the significant details within the work by the giant hanging gourd in the right corner. As Jerome apparently came under debate from a fellow scholar for about a decade over his ideology and translation over a Hebrew term ‘kikayon’ which Jerome believed to originally represent Ivy and not a gourd. Perhaps Dürer choose to include this detail to poke fun at the scholar as the argument against Jerome’s translation has been included. This was possibly also done to display the idea that scholars will always come under scrutiny from their peers regardless of what the topic concerns and that it’s more so the argument between contrasting ideologies that is important rather than the individual philosopher.

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