Essay on An Individual 's Level Of Trauma

Essay on An Individual 's Level Of Trauma

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In the first section of the assessment, the subject of learned violence is addressed. This information has the potential to provide valuable insight regarding the child’s upbringing, and what they view as acceptable behavior. The learned violence section includes questions that reveal what a child’s environment consists of. In the next section, the topic is fear. Consequently, relevant questions regarding feelings of anxiety, or fear of failure in attempting something new, are asked. Furthermore, the questions regarding going crazy or experiencing physical symptoms are able to provide insight as to what the person if feeling internally.
Everyone experiences anger at times, the section on anger asks whether or not the individual is physically harming themselves, or others. It also addresses verbal violence, and internet bullying. Likewise, this section assists in categorizing whether or not the individual is at risk to themselves, or others. Evaluating an individual’s level of trauma is potentially insightful. If an individual has experienced a great deal of trauma in their life, they may either internalize it, or act it out. In this questionnaire trauma is broken down into categories of physical and or emotional trauma, which potentially assists in helping a person work through their trauma. A person, who likes the feel of power, and intimidating others, can be alarming. This next section inquires whether an individual feels powerless, or likes having power over others. Power and control appear to complement each other, likewise, the questions in the control section ask whether an individual feels they have a loss of control, and their lives are spinning out of control. Or if a person feels they need to control anot...

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...dressed in the next group of questions. The questions in this area ask about a person’s ability to comprehend the outcome of their decisions, and that they have power in determine the outcome of their choices. Consequently, if they choose to do well toward others, versus choosing to harm another, Likewise, if they choose to help other people, instead of bringing them down. Furthermore, comprehending that having made a bad choice does not have to influence the rest of their choices. This is a good way to show people that who they were does not have to determine who they want to become. The final section of the questionnaire asks about resiliency. These questions address whether or not a person can keep going, despite the fact that things may have gone awry, and having the ability to forgive others for their mistakes, and not punishing them for their mistakes.

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