Essay about An Effective Approach Of Inclusion

Essay about An Effective Approach Of Inclusion

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An Effective Approach of Inclusion
“Including Samuel” is a documentary about the complexities of inclusion. Like so many other issues in our lives, the solutions are far from clear. This film explains a kid named Samuel and the family’s efforts to provide an education that involves inclusion for him and his disability. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 4. The film then describes other people like Nathaniel and Emily that struggle with inclusion and the difficulties they face on a day to day basis. An analysis of this film shows the filmmakers effective and accurate complexities of inclusion to a full extent.
As the film begins, Samuel’s parents put him in kindergarten because they felt he would be included more if he started at a young age. The filmmaker shows how Samuel is included with the other students in the classroom even with his disability. In the film this points out he is getting the same attention he deserves. Norman Koonts, a public speaker and advocate for people with disabilities asked the filmmaker what he wanted for his children. Habib answered, ‘for them to be happy.” (Habib). This shows how the perception of Habib has changed on how to raise Samuel who has a disability. Samuels dad accurately showed how Samuel was included inside the classroom and outside the classroom beginning from a young age.
The film describes Pembrook Academy which is school that is attempting inclusion for even the more difficult children. These students would be put into typical classroom settings. “All kids with the right support, the right technology, can learn the general curriculum”, said a teacher at the academy. This is showing how effective Habib is trying to show all students can try to be in typical classrooms ...

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...nto this film brought more evidence on how inclusion can be difficult and was a great piece of information to add.
All in all, I believe the filmmaker portrayed the complexities of inclusion in a very effective way. Habib showed how his son Samuel grew up with the difficulties of inclusion. Not only did he mention his son but also Emily and Nathaniel and how it affected their own lives and family’s. He also pointed out the different schools that have gone to full inclusion and how the teachers will have to put effort in to accommodate those students. This film will touch many people who view it because it shows how inclusion can relate to anyone. He provided very descriptive details will stick with someone for a lifetime. Also he Inspired viewers to not judge others, change the way the way people perceive the world, and see the positive in difficult situations.

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