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An Artisan Community Essay

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An Artisan Community

Star Artistry is a community of artisans. The musicians, photographers, journalist, managers, record labels, producers, promoters, and publicists/press departments work together to facilitate the growth of emerging artists. Established successful artists are also featured who share their feats and experiences which double as a lesson to new bands. Creative collaborations amongst artisans allow music aficionados to see a broadened view of the music they naturally incorporate into their lives as a habit. Music is the core of the community and a musician who makes a difference in the world through creativity is a noteworthy artiste. There are countless artists in the music business that blatantly overcome obstacles of their objectives to achieve their dreams by working hard with their entrusted group of people looking out for their interests. Discovering reliable associates as you discover yourself in a constantly changing business forces you to investigates your senses.

The Crusades or Wars of the Cross lasted for 200 years of bloodshed. The music business pits artist against artist on Billboard charts as they chart their way through their own dreams. Marketing experts package entertainment that generates income based off of proven formula’s of success which is not always helpful to a band putting their blood, sweat, and tears into their project. Bands can become fellow allies on the war field and conversely enjoy elevated levels of press concerning the band which in turn gives them a chance to embrace fame if that is their volition. Musical martyrs die young and often are immortalized by their creative output. Legends also lead to hero worshiping when a band is tethered to their fans like a ligam...

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...rong songwriting skills and will be the primary focus of most issues. Each stepping stone worth featuring in an issue from acquiring management to getting signed to a record label which builds a timeline where the reader is able to follow the act’s the career development through Star Artistry’s point of view. Star Artistry grows alongside the emerging artists included in each issue who you the reader are able to get to know a little more personally. You will naturally focus on the musicians whose music you rely on through thick and thin though hopefully will also rediscover performers you have overlooked in the past. The entertainment industry is full of dreamers reaching their goals because they have paired up with people they can rely on. Teaching yourself to be resilient regardless of the role you aspire to play in the industry will be a humbling process.

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