An Anti Muslim Poster, The Land Of Opportunity For Everyone Essay

An Anti Muslim Poster, The Land Of Opportunity For Everyone Essay

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It was in March, 18, 2010, when I first came to the “Dream Land,” or should I call it, “The land of opportunity for everyone - every race, every ethnic group, and every cultures.” Well, this is what America known as to other countries- at least to my country. I remember it was early in the morning when I landed in the American soil. The sun was just rising and peaking over the horizon. I couldn’t wait to to smell the American “air.” When I finally got out of the JFK, I smelled the air. I didn’t smell anything special except the smell of burning gases from cars. I was thinking about my future. I was thinking I’m going to work hard and going to get rich soon; that’s what people think when they first come to America. While I was walking to my uncle’s car, I saw an anti-muslim poster stating, “ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS AND DON’T BELIEVE IN MUSLIMS.” Underneath that heading, it said, “Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim United States Army psychiatrist and Medical Corps major killed 13 people and 33 people were injured in Texas in 2009.” I didn’t mind much because it happened a year ago. So, I got in the car and went to my “new” home.

I got admitted to my middle school in next fall. I couldn’t wait to make new friends. I was really getting bored at home for 6 months. The first day of school went really well. Everyday was going pretty good as well. Then one day, an Indian kid wanted to sit where I used to sit but I ignored to give him my seat. Out of nowhere, he called me a terrorist because I’m a Muslim. He also cursed me out and told me “muslims have no place in America. Muslims come here to kill people.” I was really mad and I felt like crying. Even though what he said wasn’t true, it made me cry and make me angry toward the med...

... middle of paper ... are from the same race as some people are, some people will still treat you like a minor if you have a different ethnicity and culture.

I have experienced many racism in my life, but I know for a fact , I will face ever more racism if Donald Trump becomes the president. I was upset when he said, he’s going to ban Muslims to enter America if he gets elected for the president. He had the audacity to say that in front of million people and billions were watching it on TV. He’s the most racist guy I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It upsets me how in the earth, some people still vote for him even though he mocks disabilities, taunts Chinese people, disses Hispanic and blames Muslims for everything. I thought racism has no place in this country, but people here made me wrong. I pray to God, people will take an action before the past of Holocaust reappear.

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