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  • The Minutes Pass

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    The Minutes Pass I sit at a round desk for eight hours eight bucks an hour and doodle. The phone rings once or twice every few hours (if I’m lucky, that is) and the population of people over 50 seems to rise by the minute. I sit with my legs crossed, sandal-less, wearing “work” shoes and my “work” smile. I enjoy the company I find myself in, even if it is a good book and a nice thought of myself at the beach. So I play tunes in my head, sing songs of glory under my breath, even snack on

  • Pass The Weed

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    Pass The Weed The cries of conservatives across America has grown to a riotous roar. The problem is that the long-standing and unjust prohibition of the psychoactive drug marijuana has been lifted by voters in Arizona and California. Under the new law, doctors can prescribe marijuana to those patients who can possibly benefit from the drug's medicinal purposes. Used for alleviating pain and suffering, the drug can provide needed relief for many people. However, to the concerned, it appears that

  • Pass the Potato Chips

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    Pass the Potato Chips Has mankind discovered some fantastic substitute for fat to enable people to eat as many snacks as possible without gaining weight? Recently, Proctor & Gamble developed Olestra (sucrose polyester), a zero calorie fat-based substitute, at a cost of $200 million. This product has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) with warning labels. What is olestra? The olestra molecule differs from a fat molecule in that it has six to eight fatty acids on

  • Pass The Opium, Please

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    Religion is said to be the opiate of the masses, and it is definitely a point of interest in George Orwell's famous novel Animal Farm. In it, Orwell pointedly attacks religion in general and Christianity in particular through the use of a well placed symbolic bird by the name of Moses. Orwell's stance is rather apparent as Moses darts about the farm scene conveying the duality of Christianity quite superbly. At the first mention of the raven Moses, one immediately gets the impression that he stands

  • Pass/Fail Grading System

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    order for this to happen for them these students strive to go to the top. They live for the momentous A’s jumbled around all over their report card. A report card like that lets the student know that every hour they spent painstakingly studying to pass the test or to complete their homework was all worth it. However, what happens when that concept is no longer in place? When there is no longer the will in the student to prosper in their studies because the A that they have strived for is taken away

  • The Pass Fail System of Standardized Tests

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    The Pass Fail System of Standardized Tests Standardized tests have historically been used as measures of how students compare with each other or how much of a particular curriculum they have learned. Increasingly, standardized tests are being used to make major decisions about students, such as grade promotion or high school graduation, and schools. More and more often, they also are intended to shape the curriculum and instruction. Students across America have had to repeat classes because

  • Gunner Pass Driving School

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    Gunner Pass Driving School A good location for any business is vital. You might need to be right in the middle of the city, or you could be better off in an out of town Retail Park or Industrial Estate. To decide what location is best, businesses should think about: * Will we attract passing trade * Will we make regular trips to the bank or a postal depot * Will there be public transport links nearby Whatever option a business goes for, there will be disadvantages. An office in a

  • An Annotation of Paul Laurence Dunbar's Ships That Pass In The Night

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    An Annotation of Paul Laurence Dunbar's Ships That Pass In The Night Laurence Dunbar's "Ship That Pass In The Night" is a cry for opportunity for all men, regardless of race. Dunbar's poem directly parallels a passage from Frederick Douglass' autobiography that gives an account of his life as a slave. Both Douglass and Dunbar look out at the ships that sail by and see hopes for societal changes. Although they both sought change, their aspirations were quite different. Frederick Douglass watched

  • Stop the Killing: Pass Gun Control Legislation Now

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    A study by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that the rate of firearm death of children 14 and under is nearly twelve times higher in the U.S. than in 25 other industrialized nations. When comparing the high U.S. gun murder rate to that of other nations, it is vital to realize that the U.S. is also unique in one other relevant way: lax gun ownership restrictions. Almost all industrialized nations have more stringent regulations on weapons possession than the United States, and not surprisingly

  • Essay On Low Pass Filter

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    3.1 Low Pass Filter A low pass filter is a filter that passes low-frequency signals but attenuates frequencies higher than the cutoff frequency we can say that low pass filter has only single cutoff frequency and one pass band.It is sometimes called a high-cut filter, or treble cut filter when used in audio applications. A low-pass filter is the opposite of a high-pass filter, and a band-pass filter is a combination of a low-pass and a high-pass filter. In low pass filter Inductors block high-frequency