The, An Ancient Greek Epic By Homer Essay

The, An Ancient Greek Epic By Homer Essay

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The Iliad, an ancient Greek epic by Homer, recounts the battles and conflicts between the Trojans and Achaians during the ten-year Trojan War. One of the most heroic characters of this epic poem, Hektor, displays so much valor and kloes throughout the war that during the last battle of his life with Achilleus, even Zeus relents and morns over his imminent death. The scene in which Zeus consults the golden scale for the outcome of the fight between Hektor and Achilleus indicates that the golden scale is used to justify the inevitability of divine determination of human fate and to further emphasize Hektor’s honorable characteristic.
Just as all the other mortal characters in the poem, Hektor’s destiny illustrates that no one can escape death, the predestined end of every human life cycle. The golden scale itself could be considered as a symbol of death and destruction: the scale is balanced when the world is at peace; but when a conflict befalls, both sides of the contest?? will be placed on the scale, and the side that sinks will go to Hades. However, the golden scale does not predict the outcome of the battles or the fate of individuals, as Zeus has already known the result before he resorts to the scale; it only serves as a validation for his decision by elevating the occurrence of the consequence from human causes to divine intervention. Another situation in which the golden scale plays a similar role (in?) is during the evenly matched battle between Trojans and Greeks in the beginning of chapter 8. In the previous chapters, Zeus has already promised Achilleus’ mother, Thetis, that the Greeks will undergo some suffer before Achilleus’ return, so the Achaians are fated to experience downfalls in this round of fight. Even then, ...

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...ger life, Hektor’s actions and decisions further boost his kleos, demonstrating his status as the man with (the) most honor and glory in the book. Knowing that Troy is destined to fall and that he and his family will soon die in the hands of Achilleus, Hektor still decides to accept the challenge instead of retreating back to the city walls. Despite the fact that he ends up being chased by Achilleus around the city of Troy for three rounds, he is still depicted as the “breaker of horses(22:211),” a warrior with extraordinary valor and perseverance. Just as Achilleus, who chooses to live a short and heroic life over a long and peaceful one, Hektor bravely confronts the obstacle and fights until the very last minute of his life. The bravery with which these two heroes face up to their imminent deaths perfectly illustrates the kloes spirit in ancient Greek society.

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