Essay on An Analysis Of Veronica Roth 's Book I Am Reading By Roth

Essay on An Analysis Of Veronica Roth 's Book I Am Reading By Roth

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Every person knows of someone who has been uprooted from their hometown and moved somewhere else. I was moved from my home and if I had the choice I would have went anywhere else then there. What if you had the choice to stay or go. One drop of blood and you could seal your fate. Veronica Roth has the power to pull you in and trap your mind in her Divergent series. Her main characters Tris Prior and Tobias Eaton, Four to his friends, develope in the book they show familiar characteristic to my life and decisions I 've made or would make. In the book I am reading by Roth, Allegiant, the third installment in the series, it’s riveting and sucks you in for hours at a time. Tris and Four along with Cristina , Peter and Caleb among others have just made it outside the fence in hopes of finding something, anything. Outside the grasps of Evelyn and the factionless they cling to each other as they roam a land they’ve never seen. Once outside the fence they see a broken down town and foreign elements. While walking on train tracks they hear a vehicle approaching, they get ready for a fight, Amar appears and Four is consumed of ghosts of his past. His mentor , his dead mentor is standing in front of him and he 's in shock, they know of Tris of Four of all of them, when they arrive at the Bureau Of Genetic Welfare they meet David, the operator of the “experiments” being ran in the world. He gives Tris and Caleb information on their mother, Tris clings to the vacant memory of her. They offer her genetic testing to learn of her abilities and her family.She 's accepts without hesitation, an eye into her life, past, present and future. In my essay I 'll be writing about the struggle of loss, the hardships of love and unforgivable betrayal during...

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...cause of what? Because you wanted to keep Jeanine 's secrets? Wanted to stay in the city, safe and sound? You are a coward.” (Roth,82)
This proves that family doesn 't have to be blood and blood doesn 't mean you 're family. Tris doesn 't accept her brother back right away, Neither would I, Four helps her deal with every situation that pops up and they work as a team, as one.

The Divergent series shows you a young small girl who develops into a strong,fighter who protects herself and others, a guy who came from the same faction yet a different lifestyle and one choice that changed them both into leaders and brought them together to love, deal with loss and forgive those who have wronged them. Tris and Four,among their friends, flourish in front of our eyes and defeat every obstacle that is shoved their way. A strong group that can do what they put their minds too.

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