An Analysis of Gaddis' Book, The United States and the Origins of the Cold War, 1941–1947

An Analysis of Gaddis' Book, The United States and the Origins of the Cold War, 1941–1947

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The Cold War was a clash over ideological difference and control over
the sphere of influence. Although the Cold War is technically over; many scholars are still fascinated with the events that could have started WWIII, and its impact on U.S. foreign policy. Professor Gaddis thus wrote an impressive book which deals with the
origins and revisionist theories which gave the reader and exceptional background knowledge on the topic. However, he suggested that without accurate research materials, it would be impossible to know what took place in the Kremlin.
Gladdis brilliantly captured the atmosphere of the “Red Scare” which hindered any compromise or trust of the USSR and the United States. He carefully addresses the central issue, which highlights the difference between the U.S., the Marxist philosophy, democracy, and the open door policy of free markets. He argues how America’s isolationist past convinced policy makers and the Roosevelt and Truman administration, it was not the right course to take. He addresses Roosevelt’s speech when he said “We will not accept a world, like the...

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