An Accurate Historical Account of Alexander the Great in Flavius Arrianus Xenophon's The Campaigns of Alexander

An Accurate Historical Account of Alexander the Great in Flavius Arrianus Xenophon's The Campaigns of Alexander

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Flavius Arrianus Xenophon, also known as Arrian, author of “The Campaigns of Alexander,” is also well known throughout history for his educational connection with philosopher Epictetus. This book was meant to be Arrian’s master piece; his claim to fame. Arrian created “The Campaigns of Alexander,” to depict the life and times of Alexander the Great (July 20, 356-June 10, 323 BC). Today Arrian’s “The Campaigns of Alexander,” is considered one of his greatest pieces of work and is recognized historically for the accurate account of Alexander’s campaign. “The Campaigns of Alexander,” is separated into sections titled as books. These books or chapters begin at one and end with book seven. Each book showcases the actions of Alexander the Great.
Alexander the Great at the age of twenty begins his campaigns after his father’s assassination. Once, he gains the throne of Macedonia Alexander gathers the Greeks to set out on his adventures. Alexander conquers several cities that were known for the own conquests. Arrian highlights many of these battles within “The Campaigns of Alexander,” The defeat of the Persian army was due to the use of Alexander’s famous battle tactics. Alexander continuously pushes his fleet through battle while up lifting there spirits with his personal charm.
Alexander then sets his sights on Egypt. Natives along the route of Alexander the Great’s conquests had little opposition to the fleet of Greeks securing the countries. This allowed for several conquests in a short amount of time. Alexandria is one example of the cities Alexander the Great founded throughout his expansion. As Alexander the Great moved throughout Egypt he was crowned pharaoh, causing him to see himself as a god. This caused a downfall in his ...

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...ics that are shown throughout “The Campaigns of Alexander.” Alexander the Great has the characteristic of a great leader. These include strength in both physical and mental aspects of life, personal charm and bravery. These two aspects are shown throughout every conquest. The military tactics used by Alexander’s army was sufficient and well maintained expressing his intelligence and personal strength in the military. These long lasting battles are difficult to maintain although Alexander could continue to keep his armies spirits up with his personal charm and intelligence. Alexander’s bravery is also a constant throughout Arrian’s account of his campaign. He pushes into battle with little to no fear and continuous throughout dangerous conditions. These characteristics allowed Alexander the Great to expand his empire quickly and across a vast geographical landscape.

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