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Americans ' Opinions On The Middle East Essay example

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Multitudinous Americans’ opinions on the Middle East derive from positions of fear and an absence of understanding. Due to these misapprehensions, Middle Eastern civilians discover difficulties in gaining support and respect from Americans. While they strive for equal respect and treatment, copious Americans shun them away since the Middle East, or as many Americans call them, “Muslims,” are terrorists that hate America and oppress women. Such thoughts, however, are without entirely factual grounds. People in the Middle East are more than the stereotypes typically placed upon them; they, too, are a diverse culture with sundry traditions and practices. Assembled in the Middle East are several religions accompanied by people without hate for Americans, and they discern their treatment of women as especially loving and considerate.
Repeatedly, on which the subject of the Middle East is broached, American citizens automatically correlate the natives there as Muslims. Upon asking Brady Hickingbotham, a young man born and raised in America, about his beliefs regarding the Middle East, he stated “When it comes to Islam, more than 15% of the population has been radicalized and more, depending on where they live, are at risk of becoming radicalized, especially the children.” According to Hickingbotham, Islam is a location in the Middle East with a Muslim population. He, as well as many other Americans, do not distinguish the difference between living in the Middle East and being a Muslim. Besides the inability to differentiate the two subjects, one being a region and the other being religious, some Americans are unaware that Islam is a religion containing numerous denominations under its name and that Muslims are followers of Islam. Ismae...

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...en of the Middle East view it as a contribution to the reverence for the wife. These men believe in laboring to support and fortify their families, while the women manage the household.
Within the Middle East lies a variety of religions lodging people that conduct themselves with endearment, especially towards the women. Not only are there Muslims in the Middle East, but there are also Jews, a large number of Christians, and multiple Islam denominations. Those that thoroughly utilize these religions behave with tolerance and concern for not only each other, but for foreign countries and cultures as well. These men, specifically, make it a priority to handle women with deference and honor. Despite the popular stereotypes emphasized through the media regarding the Middle East, a multitude of its natives dispel these clichés. Thus, the righteous exceeds the inferior.

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