Essay on American Relations : An Indian 's Journey Through Reservation Life

Essay on American Relations : An Indian 's Journey Through Reservation Life

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Ethnicity has long been a cultural separator and gap closer for many generations. From the civil rights and black movements of the past and currently today, to the American Indians reservations and concentration camps of Japanese Americans during World War II. The American people and government are consistently fighting back and forth to try and right some sort of wrong that each party is consistently doing. George M. Fredrickson’s essay, Models of American Relations: A Historical Perspective (Fredrickson), talks about and explains how ethnic groups have been defining themselves for years or how the governments that they live under have been defining them as well. Ethnic groups have been defined and re-defined many different times throughout history this is apparent, but in what ways per Fredrickson’s models are they being defined or re-defined the most? In the movie, “Crash”, by writer and director Paul Haggis, as well as the essay “From Rez Life: An Indian’s Journey Through Reservation Life” by David Treuer, the most commonly used methods used one way assimilation and group separatism.
One way assimilation can be defined as the moment minorities give up their cultural identities for acceptance of a more elite or over powering culture already in place. In the movie “Crash” this is clearly seen when the movie director and his wife are fighting at home after the police stopped them. The wife tells the husband “The closest you ever came to being black, Cameron, was watching The Cosby Show”. (Crash) This shows that the husband has chosen to one way assimilate into the white community because of his chosen profession and how hard it might be for an African-American man to be a movie producer in Los Angeles. Similarly, in the essay b...

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... and talking about if most American Indians were to assimilate then their culture would die alongside them and they would cease to be American Indians and simply just be Americans; this provides a raw and unfiltered glimpse into why assimilation and group separatism are used to overcome such obstacles. There are many more examples throughout both works of each of Fredrickson’s models but these have given a glimpse into these works and what they were aimed to prove. They were targeted to show others that the only way to coexist with one another is by embracing each other’s differences and trying to help promote cultural diversity. Instead of a “Melting Pot” which promotes everyone to be the same in America, the “Salad Bowl” would be much better to help promote being different and being who you were meant to be. This is what America is about, not the other way around.

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