Essay on American Privacy Should Never Be Compromised

Essay on American Privacy Should Never Be Compromised

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“The generic name for the electronic device being used is a ‘stingray.’ The stingray acts like a cell phone tower that picks up the signal of all cell phones, laptops and tablets being used in the area. Once detected, the stingray helps law enforcement not only detect your location, but track all of your electronic phone calls and internet use, allowing them to monitor what you say and do” (Jolly). No matter where you are, like the beach, woods or somewhere in the city, the government can track your exact location and everything you do on your electrical device. All calls can and will be tapped in and recorded without your knowledge and permission. Although keeping people safe is a priority, some may find their private life to be invaded. No matter what is occurring in the world today, American privacy should never be compromised.
Invading someone’s private life on the internet and keeping tabs for the future reference is going too far especially if the person is completely innocent and never done anything wrong. “…at some point in our lives, nearly all of us have typed some aspect of our innermost thoughts or convictions or emotions onto a screen and pressed “send” (St. Vincent). We as people understand the government is here to protect us but they are invading our private life. The records that are being held are not something that should be recorded, these are our personal conversations. However, revealing that the government holds information the majority of the time they do not put it to good use. “Even so, if we had learned that a complete stranger had collected those messages—let alone compiled them into a dossier and retained them for months or years, just in case he or she wanted to read them someday—we would probably fee...

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...e people are okay with them collecting our information for safety they should have a limit on how far back they can keep the information. If the people had some say about this topic they will be more understanding about why they truly keep this information.
Whatever maybe happening in the world, privacy of Americans should not be invaded. For the safety of Americans, the government invades privacy for helping people. When people are in trouble like in ransom situations they can trace calls of everybody someone contacts and search through their internet history. When tracing calls or scanning through text messages, they read all messages and some feel invaded because that is their personal life. In conclusion, the government invades privacy for safety reasons of others but reading and keeping records of everything is absurd and infringes in people right to privacy.

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