American Education System Fails to Address Brain Complexity Essay

American Education System Fails to Address Brain Complexity Essay

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American Education System Fails to Address Brain Complexity
The American education system is flawed in recognizing the specific learning needs adolescents have due to the complexity of their brains. To both obtain and retain information, children and teens need a sufficient amount of sleep. With the existing early-arrival policies, it would seem most are not getting enough. Males and females (whether young or old) learn and comprehend information in different ways, based on specific variations in their brains, and these needs are not accommodated in the typical class room.
Teenagers are not usually alert in the morning. Biologically, adolescents feel the need to sleep later, and for longer periods of time than adults. Teenagers likewise feel social pressures that affect their sleeping habits; many want to communicate with friends whenever possible and maintain a healthy social life. This being the case, the suggestion of going to bed earlier is not exactly plausible. The practical solution is to allow the youth to sleep later, so they can function during school hours. Most public s...

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