Essay on The American Civilization Is Structured As A Comedy With A Happy Ending

Essay on The American Civilization Is Structured As A Comedy With A Happy Ending

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The history of the American civilization is structured as a comedy with a happy ending, in which the characters against white progress are overcome precisely so you should not feel pity or terror for his defeat. Similarly, the history of Indians is structured as a tragedy in which the final order of things is just the white kill the native and is all good, natives have to resign their own culture and beliefs, because it is necessary and that order is unalterable. From this construction of history, Americans not only get their colonizer goal, but they are also able to do with the appearance of other humanitarian laws.
Despite of what many people think, this is the Native Americans territory, therefore we are just invading territory. Hollywood has made many representation about Indians that most of the time has the same content of barbarian native American killing the good white people that came to America to civilize them. How good does that sound? The true is the way it sounds is not actually the way it happened, and Hollywood has influenced in what we think about natives.
Native cultural identity has been shaped and used by Hollywood for their own profit. It is certainly true that a movie sells more when a white “saves the day” against American natives than a different situation in favor of Native Americans.

To talk about Native Americans, it has been issued a documentary about the image that gave the Indians in American cinema that explained very well all the indigenous renderings. Reel Injun was called and was filmed by a Canadian believes ethnicity name, sympathetic at least Neil Diamond. The documentary differentiates between three periods. One initial, with the silent film, in which the Indians were shown as native nob...

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...As for the dress, Diamond that Hollywood began to place them headbands to hold all the wigs when pulled over someone who was on horseback, the typical scene. Gradually this costume was appearing in more and more films to become genuine, for it was contrived. By bringing together the features of all the tribes in one they were impersonating. The natives were well aware. In an interview two supernumeraries of John Ford, the Indians used their own language in the scenes, language no one understood, and managed to mock dialogues casting bream. Of course, nobody noticed.

Finally, it is clear that Hollywood has a big impact on the image that we as civilization has about the American Natives. It is also specific how the representation of their lives and culture is not true, the manipulation of Native American history is a fact that Hollywood has done for it’s own revenue.

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