Essay on The American Association For All Citizens

Essay on The American Association For All Citizens

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“ The US is the only wealthy, industrialized country without universal healthcare.”
“Throughout the 18th and 19th century, the US federal government did not finance or otherwise provide healthcare to the public. [5]However, in the early 20th century, a debate over the right to health care began to emerge. In 1915, the American Association for Labor Legislation drafted a series of bills to provide state medical benefits to low-income workers.”
Universal health care for all citizens is very important for people in this country, because everyday we breathe this air full of bacterias, germs and any other things which can harm our health, our organism. It is very important to know that if one day we will get sick, we will get help from doctors without any problems. Uninsured nation is very dangerous nation because around us so many diseases that can easily move from one person to another, if someone will get sick then another person can get sick too. And it is important to relieve these diseases earlier till someone else did not get sick because of that. Therefore we need to have health care for everyone, so that we could take care of these diseases as soon as possible. Universal healthcare for citizens can save someone’s lives.
Since I came to the United States I 've always been wondering why people pay such a high taxes, but they are not getting free Healthcare from the government, because even in my country Health care was free for all the citizens, and we didn 't have to pay taxes as big as people pay in the US, and particularly in the NY. Healthcare is one of the most important things that you have to have because you never know what might happen to you in an hour, day, week, month, or year, or when and where. You can only hope...

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... matter what are they, at the end of the day it 's all about people being healthy and happy. There is no happiness if you are not healthy, and you can 't be healthy if you don 't have money for Healthcare, and your employer doesn 't provide you and your family with health insurance. I understand that everything is a lot more complicated than what we can see, but I think that all the people who are citizens of the United states, and who live here are supposed to get a free universal Healthcare. Because no country can be strong and successful, with people being sick and poor.
The United States wealthy and organized country, there should be healthy and happy nation. If we want to have healthy generations and healthy nation, we must give them right to have universal health care, and we should take care about their lives. Our future, economy our lives depends from this.

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