America 's Traditional Value System Essay

America 's Traditional Value System Essay

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The context of the traditional American values and believes mentioned that United States of America have a variety of Native American from the starting point up to now. Long time ago, a lot of immigrants came from different culture, background, countries. There are three basic reasons for the immigrants when they decided to immigrate to North America. The first reason, individual freedom. The second reason, equality of opportunity. The last reason, material wealth. After that, those reasons developed to be part of their traditional value system. As a result, this system contained of pairs. First, individual freedom and self-reliance. Second, equality of opportunity and competition. Finally, material wealth and hard work.
The author said that the immigrants when they emigrated from their countries, they were seeking for their freedom. They wanted to be free from the kings and governments, priests and churches, noblemen and aristocrats. Nowadays, the freedom is one of the most famous words in the United States, which means to Americans their passion and right to manage their future without any external obstacles. However, the word of freedom accompanied with self-reliance, so individuals must take their self-responsibility and autonomy. In my point of view, Americans have the freedom that they were seeking for it. However, their way of thinking about the meaning of freedom changed than the past. Nowadays, they are so independent, which means no relationships between them and their families. Everyone just thinks about himself or herself rather than his or her family which reflects the unity of the community and its binds. As a result, most of American people feel alone. They adopt pets in order to compensate the emotio...

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...point of view, they were right at that time. However, nowadays, people changed. They became more selfish about the money. In some reasons, they are right. Life become more difficult than before. To life a decent life they need to make money.
The author concluded by the recent economy status of the United States which is retreated. Furthermore, United States deviated from an industry-based economy to service-based which affected the workers income. Moreover, a lot of the workers lost their jobs which led to increase the number of unemployed persons. As a result, that influenced American values and the state of the American dream. In my opinion, Americans still believe of hard work can make their chance to succeed and make a better life for their children. Moreover, they still have the equality of the opportunity and self-reliance through their daily life.

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