America 's Influence On Chinese Culture Essay

America 's Influence On Chinese Culture Essay

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For a student who studies in a region as large and diverse as Asia, discovering a music scene that that is suitable to the America ear is hard to find. When you have everything from Korean pop music to Chinese punk rock; things can get a little bit confusing. A lot of these American influences come from Asian students who study abroad, or the large Media train that exists in todays generation; whichever it be, much of what Chinese teenagers listen to is based off of one or another American musical influence. Now, while American music has influenced Chinese culture, much of America has yet to adopt many Asian traditional compositions; which makes me wonder. Why is America the leading influence in almost all-popular music throughout China? As I tried to figure out a way for me to connect myself with a friend from this cultural background, I remembered that there was one person I used to hang out with in High school who went to school just down the road. Jimmy Dong, a commercial violin student at Lipscomb, as well as, a High school graduate from my High school. Dong studied violin in Beijing, China for five months from January of 2016 until our graduation in May. He explained how he explored the Chinese music scene more than he had expected. Dong was very westernized, being in my grade since Kindergarten; it was amazing to see him rediscover his origin and understand what the culture of his age group was like where he was from. Dong said it was amazing to see the influence of punk rock in China, and that the music scene was far from what he had anticipated. “I’m half Chinese, so I kind of grew up in the Chinese culture with my mom’s side of the family,” Dong said. “The things that they used to play was mostly the classical stuff you ...

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...e same. Things such as toys and video games are just some of the few things that China made an addition to within that agreement. This was news to me, in fact; it seemed brilliant. We gave ourselves the opportunity to provide an international melting pot of cultural influences. Specifically, we traded our culture for parts of Chinese culture, and made it a co-existing agreement. It is remarkable. Conclusively, America is the leading influence in Chinese music because China wants a source of income through the music industry. Also, many people from China have every source in the world to be influenced by American music. Whether it is a band or a pop-star, the majority of these influences come from Western culture. The reality of it is, that entertainment in China is viewed as a business strategy and a way of progressing their culture towards a more Westernized one.

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