America 's Health Care Crisis Essay

America 's Health Care Crisis Essay

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America has a health care crisis. The Affordable Care Act is a federal program established to help eliminate that crisis by helping to give uninsured American’s access to affordable healthcare. Uninsured Americans receive inadequate or little to no preventive health care, which can lead to serious illness. When individuals with no insurance become seriously or critically ill, they are left with no options except going to a local hospital who cannot turn them away. More times than not the hospital receives no payment from the uninsured patient, leaving the federal government holding the bill. Uninsured Americans costs the federal government billions of dollars each year. The Affordable Care Act was passed to help eliminate some of those costs by making treatment and preventive care both available and accessible to everyone. An expansion in Medicaid coverage is a large part of the program; however, states were given the option to deny the expansion. States choosing to opt out will not receive the full benefit of the program and are ultimately doing a great injustice to the residents of the state. The Affordable Care Act might not be the answer to America’s health care crisis, but it is the best option currently available.

On March 23, 2010 President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into legislation. The program is designed to make affordable health care coverage available and accessible to all citizens of the United States of America. A complaint many have with the program is that the program is individually mandated, meaning a person must purchase and maintain a health care policy, or pay penalty in the form of an annual tax. Some states have argued that mandating citizens to purchase a h...

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...e premium costs and tax penalties for not acquiring insurance unfavorable, the ACA could potentially balance out the cost by saving taxpayers millions of tax dollars spent on caring for the uninsured, while improving the quality of life and saving the lives of millions of people.
Though there are positives as well as negatives associated with the Affordable Care Act, and some debate whether it is even constitutional or not, the one thing that is not debatable is that America has a health care crisis on its hands, and while the ACA may not be the best option it is the most feasible option we currently have. It is my belief that the state of Texas made a detrimental decision by denying the expansion in Medicaid. Despite the flaws the program may have, it is still the few and foremost attempts made by Government to reconcile the growing healthcare issue in America.

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