America Needs To Support The Needs of the Poor Essays

America Needs To Support The Needs of the Poor Essays

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In America, there are many people who face the horrors of foreclosure and possible homelessness. Not always it is the fault of the homeowner, but the fault of the surrounding situations, inflation, recession, and unexpected circumstances. The fact is that the general public doesn’t care. In fact, many have bumper stickers that read “the only good welfare system is a job,” with the face of Ronald Reagan on the side. If this were true, then those who are homeless but have jobs are just punishing themselves. The fact is this: America is based on an economy that profits from the poor and unlucky. This system has obviously worked otherwise the American economic system would have changed. Even if America has a debt more than $12 trillion, the system still works, right?
Knowing that the economy system will not change soon, the problem of homelessness still needs to be combated. Even in my neighborhood, I have seen several beggars and homeless people on the streets, on trains, and on buses. Obviously there is no plan to permanently stop homelessness in congress, short of sending troops to eradicate them.
The reason why homelessness is brought up in the topic of foreclosure is because the two topics are intertwined. The loss of jobs, the loss of government funding, and the inflation of prices has caused American citizens to weigh their options between helping to pay for their homes to prevent foreclosure, pay for their food and clothing, or pay for their medication. Those who have become homeless are those who chose over their home in favor of food, clothing, and/or medication. Foreclosure is a serious danger in the lives of many Americans. The image of people sleeping on park benches, at bus stops, at train stations, ...

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... major locations of voters where politicians can visit and gain votes. Also, if the city would so desire, the centers could also become a voting station for those who do not have easy access to a voting location. So not only would the program help promote the local people economically, it would also help politically.
This possible program is only a small part of a solution to the foreclosure problem. The economy still needs to stabilize and jobs to become available. With the nation becoming less interested in the needs of the poor, this program will most likely not become a reality. In order for people to support a program that benefits those in need, the American people need to vocally support the needs of the poor. For this program to succeed, the people need to embrace this statement: “A nation should be judged by how it treats the lowest of its people.”

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