The Effects Of Homelessness In New Orleans

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Homelessness in america has been an epidemic for decades. In New Orleans particularly homelessness has increased dramatically since hurricane katrina and continue to plague our city. Homelessness is a major issue that our city is not addressing New Orleans government officials must step in and make a difference.

Fifty-seven thousand veterans are homeless each night, most of theses are 5,000 females (Swan 7) . There are fewer places for poor people to rent than before. The U.S needs at least 7 million more affordable apartments for low income families (Ending Homelessness 12). The government does not help as much as you think. Cities are increasingly making homelessness a crime. Many people are homeless because they cannot afford rent. One
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At least 800,000 people are homeless every year. At least for out of five people experience being homeless. About 20,000 children and their families are going through homelessness. Homelessness is big in New Orleans and have increased a lot over the years. No one really found a way to end homelessness. A lot of homelessness come from drugs, people who ran away from their homes,lost jobs,education,veterans, changing in housing markets,people with illness and ethnic. All homeless people have different reasons and stories to how they are homeless not all homeless people are going through homelessness for the same thing as people think they are (Burt 16). Over 670,000 americans are homeless , 48 million are hungry every single night and 462 million live in poverty. Homelessness has increased more in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Some people are still homeless till this day after the storm happened Hurricane Katrina destroyed 52,000 units, rental homes and people who owned their homes. They have shelters systems provided from mostly churches to try to help homeless. “ Poor people just have been priority recovery and need help to get back on track where they started at”( Rather 2). Homelessness service systems grew larger there are beds available, emergency shelters and transitional housing and permanent housing. Communities and legislators need programs to help homelessness they need to research on how to help end…show more content…
They plan to give them housing services, production, agencies or entities. Housing and authority permanent houses or the homelessness. Mayor Landrieu prevent to help stop homelessness by trying to bring the state, city and community together to help the homeless as well. Members of New Orleans join together to see and talk about what they can do to stop homelessness ( Medina 4 ) . They plan to start a program to help homeless to have homes where they can stay instead of sleeping on the street. National coalition for homeless thinks that the cause and solution to homelessness much that the community group have to help with there are ways to make a difference with women, men, and children that are homeless ( Medina 4 ). Volunteers worked with the homeless by helping with their needs. Staff members are trying to meet there needs and coping with emergencies. To try or to end homelessness is a very long process it 's not easy at all it 's a lot to deal with and go through in New Orleans homeless people need to have help every single day with programs to get them back on track so that they can help get through homelessness. Its an unsolved problem that the united states and city can do to end homelessness and know how.Obama plan to end homelessness by the year of 2020. ( Rather 2 ) . America has more homeless children and women in the world then men. One quarter of homeless people spend one night in shelters and back on
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