America Needs The Best For America Essay

America Needs The Best For America Essay

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America Needs the Best
Everyone, all over the world, stay in tune for the United States Election. Who shall be elected as the next president for America or should we say who is the most qualified? We have an unusual selection this year for presidency. People are not sure if they will be voting or not. It seems the media has already made the decision clear. Tension is rising all over America. Who will it be? Donald Trump (Republican), Hillary Clinton (Democrats party), Gary Johnson (Libertarian party), and Jill Stein (green tea party), have all chosen to step up to the plate and run. Some people suggest that Trump will win, while others tell us that Hilary is the most qualify and best for Americans. However, public opinion are not a precise statistics. Among registered voters, 45% say they would vote for Hillary Clinton if the election were held today, compared with 36% who say they would vote for Donald Trump and 11% who say they would vote for the libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (Pew Research). These number are not 100 % accurate. It can be with an error of plus or minus 2 %. So relying on those numbers will not be the best choice to decide on who will run the nation. Therefore, the reality is that it will not be an easy task to determine the winner. I will call this election as a mass puzzle. We should not only rely on what the candidates said but also what they input in this land so far in order to vote for a one.
However, there are untold surprise at the last minute. Some people will not vote or change their mind at the last minute. I remember my teacher telling us a story of how he changed his mind at the last minute sitting in the voters boots. Some are not sure for whoever to vote for, either Hilary or Trump can satisfy...

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...serve. She’s worked closely with our intelligence teams, our diplomats, and our military. And she has the judgment, the experience, and the temperament to meet the threat from terrorism” (POLITICO STAFF). Barack agrees that Hilary Clinton is indeed a very smart person. One cannot work with an intelligence team or military unless he or she is a very smart person. The military needs extremely brilliant people because their jobs is to serve people and save lives. When it comes a human life, all resources are needed and welcomed, but only the most brilliant people are the ones who make the decisions; unlike most people, brilliant people take today and tomorrow as equal.
So if you a change a promise to be realized, vote for Hilary. She is the change for American, for immigration, for the economy. To all those who have the chance to vote, together let support Hilary.

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